About Me

My Background


My background in art has been a colorful journey. Art people can look back on their inspiration taking root in childhood and becoming a defining theme from early teen years through college. After college I had a career of teaching art in public school with the reward of seeing kids discover their creative sparks. Now I am living the dream of pursuing my own creative production.

My Medium


I was focused on drawing and painting until my second year of art college. Then I discovered 3 dimensional media without abandoning 2 dimensional media. My early career focused on ceramics and I focused on landscape painting in my Masters studies. I also set up woodworking and stained glass working areas in my home. As I approached retirement I added a ceramics studio and am free to pursue my interests in pottery.

My Inspiration


I have always been inspired by a rich visual experience of nature and the arts. I have no shortage of interests including travel, hiking, biking, motorcycling, hunting, and competitive sports in addition to my creative and craft work. One theme running through my eclectic interests has been 3D form experienced in the eastern woodlands, rock formations of Arizona and Utah. the illusions of paintings, and the transformation of soft clay into engaging functional art.